Given away monthly! Any model can win.
Want to become a model?
1Every 3 hours we are giving away StripPoints for the top 5000 winners. We are calculating places based on tokens earnings and number of unique paying users.2x StripPoints for broadcasting during Boost Time:
2Top 5 performers of every 3 hours are also getting cash prizes: $20, $10, $5, $5, $5
3Performers are also taking a place in the Current Month Top, based on their total number of StripPoints.
4After the month finishes top 100 models in the Girls category and top 20 in Couples, Guys and Trans will be getting cash prizes. (See the table)
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Top 100 performers each month get:
1st place$ 1000
2nd place$ 500
3rd place$ 250
4-10 place$ 100
11-20 place$ 75
21-40 place$ 50
41-60 place$ 40
61-80 place$ 30
81-100 place$ 20
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